7 healthy snacks that aid in weight loss

Healthy snacks

If you are looking for some healthy snacks to control your hunger pangs, go for raw almonds, cranberries, raw cashews and strawberries as an expert suggests that such nutritional products won’t put pressure on your waistline and satiate your taste buds.

According to a study conducted by Carpo London, the specialist food emporium, sugar levels can be kept steady all day long by eating a few highly delicious and nutritious snacks, reportsfemalefirst.co.uk.

From naturally-dried fruit to crunchy seeds, here is a list of healthy snacks that can have no hard effects on the body.

Nuts, seeds and berries: Step away from your favourite caffeine fix and in its place crunch on energy mix. Combining raw almonds, cranberries, raw cashews, sunflower seeds and raw pistachios is a great way to perk up your spirits.

Falooda: Sprinkling chia seeds (falooda) over your porridge can help your body. Just a tablespoon of these seeds a day can help reduce blood pressure and suppress your appetite for longer period. Just ensure you keep drinking plenty of water as they are high in fibre.

Fruits: Eat them fresh or dried, fruits are a great snack. Choose more seasonal and local fruits.

Chana: A half cup serving of chana is great to munch as a snack with tea late afternoon or evening. Naturally fat-free and sodium-free, they lower your risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

Green salad: A mix of all your favourite veggies, chopped with salt and a dash of lemon. This is a light snack which will surely ward of the ‘lazy’ demon. Fresh veggies are the best thing you could do for your tummy. Snack on this treat before lunch and they’ll keep you going for a long time.

Peanuts: About a handful of peanuts a day can provide you with the required amount of antioxidants , minerals, vitamins and proteins, and keep you full at the same time.

Popcorn: Home-made popcorn, made without oil or butter, is a voluminous and nutrient-dense snack. It’s wholegrain and filled with fibre to keep you full and give you the psychological satisfaction of eating a lot.

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