Renew beauty regime for monsoon

The monsoon season poses a challenge for many to look tip-top all the time, but you can ease your woes by following some tips for your hair and skin.

Visit a spa or salon once in a while to rejuvenate. Here are a few tips:

-Get funky with your hair colour this monsoon. Get an ombre look or highlight your hair with full head highlights or colour stripping treatments.

-Brighten up your gloomy day with vibrant nail art in bold colours.

-During monsoon, the hair becomes limp and loses its sheen. Also, tame your tresses with an oil massage.

-Keep your make-up to a bare minimum. Humidity and frequent downpours can accelerate oil-secretion, so, using non-greasy and light make-up provides a clean matte finish. Also, always opt for waterproof brands.

Some home remedies can also come in handy:

-Papaya works as a great de-tanner; curd clears blemishes; aloe vera soothes the skin; and lavender boosts rejuvenation.

-To eliminate roughness, try this – take some almond paste, mix this with some milk to make a smooth and thick paste. You can also mix almond oil with milk cream to make a winter face pack. Apply the pack to get a smooth and flawless skin.


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