Kogan joins the fitness game with the Fortis Trackfit

Kogan Fortis Trackfit

With fitness tech going mainstream in recent years, it’s no surprise that budget technology company Kogan has jumped on board. The Aussie company has launched a new fitness brand called Fortis, with a brand new a fitness tracker called the Fortis TrackFit that can be slotted into a small pouch with a clip (like the Fitbit Zip) or a wristband.

The TrackFit, which comes with a clip, wristband and USB charging wire, will set you back $69, making it a lot cheaper than most other trackers out there (the Fitbit Zip alone will set you back about $72).

The catch is that the Fortis TrackFit is still a budget option – you can only sync to a Windows PC, with no smartphone integration to be seen.

Hitting the ground running?

But for your $69, the Fortis TrackFit does track sleep length and quality, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, activity time and daily target progress. It’s only available in black at the moment, but you do get free shipping.

The new fitness brand, Fortis, also has a range of home fitness equipment, including yoga mats, gym balls, aerobic steps and even golf clubs.

There is also the Fortis SmartBells, which has 15 removable weights on the dumbbell system, as well as a door gym system, resistant bands, indoor magnetic bike and upper body bar.

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