Smartphone App To Detect Newborn Jaundice

Researchers created a new Smartphone app that could help in screening the infants for jaundice, a condition which usually remains unnoticed for long in neonates.

On Wednesday, the researchers at University of Washington have announced that the app named “Bilicam” was tested and observations showed it is working well.

Even if it does not fulfil all the current screening system requirements, still it will privilege the parents to screen from home. The parents will now only have to take their child for a test if the app indicates positive results for jaundice.

Next month, at the International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing at Seattle, the development team would be presenting this project and the results generated from the tests on humans.

This app functions by detecting the yellow skin coloration of the neonates that is the most common symptom of this disease.

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