Google Glass Live Captioning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Captions are nearly to Speakers


It’s not easy for deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate with others that don’t know sign language. Some have gotten pretty good at reading lips, but now a new app for Google Glass does the lip reading all on its own.

Developed at Georgia Tech, the app works with a smartphone that runs voice recognition algorithms. The person with whom the Glass wearer is speaking simply talks into the phone and the transcribed text automatically appears within the Glass. The app will provide different possibilities for the text if there are ambiguities and the Glass wearer can quickly select which is the correct one to help define the context of the conversation. Additionally, the size of the text that appears on the screen can be easily adjusted and you can have family and friends install the app on their own phones to quickly pair up with and start using the app anytime they’re around.

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