Create ‘Tobacco Aware Citizens’ Directory’ by Delhi Govt.


As it looks to make the national capital tobacco-free, the Delhi government has launched an innovative drive which proposes to create a ‘Tobacco Aware Citizens’ Directory’ to spread the word about its harmful effects.

Sharing the details of the campaign, Dr S K Arora, Additional Director (Health) of the Tobacco Control Programme under the Directorate of Health Services (DHS), said that one of the most interesting aspects of the campaign is that it is being conducted at zero cost to the exchequer.

“The aim is to create awareness and sensitise people about the harmful effects of tobacco use by creating a large network.

“Most interestingly, this initiative has zero financial implications, unlike other projects and schemes whose implementation involves the investment of huge amounts. (The anti-tobacco campaign) involves sending and forwarding emails,” Dr Arora said.

Those who actively participate in the drive will be given a merit certificate and be termed a bona fide ‘Tobacco Aware Citizen of Delhi’. Their names will be included in the Tobacco Aware Citizens of Delhi Directory, he added.

 “Participation is more important than answering correctly. We send questions every Monday. The last date of sending answers for the latest question is Oct. 27 by 12 noon,” said Dr Arora.
Source By : NDTV Health News

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