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Google won’t stop at just being a search engine giant, it also wants to tackle down one of our biggest deadly enemies, cancer.
After working with Novartis to come up the “smart” contact lens that can help us fight diabetes by detecting the glucose level in our body, the secret Google [X] lab is also exploring the possibilities to send “smart” nanoparticles into our bloodstream to sniff out the early signs of disease.
Cancer won’t be fatal if they are caught early. However, there still aren’t good enough diagnostics to help doctors catch them in their earliest state, when they are most treatable. Google scientists hope to catch the signal given off by cells when they become cancerous. Could we tell that we are at the blink of having cancer when we see a continuous subtle change in the chemistry of our blood?
How do Google nanoparticles work? Just click to look at this infographic for a brief review.

Google Nanoparticle infographic

Google is getting more and more information from us, even our health condition. What does that mean for the future of the data security of our personal health information?

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