Five tips to quit smoking


With cigarette rates being higher than they’ve ever been, here are a few effective ways to kick the butt for good…

With smoking cigarettes, you are of course paying dearly with your health. But for those who can’t get their heads around that fact, just go to a smoking calculator to see how much the addiction actually costs you in terms of money. With most cigarette brands selling for more than `10 per stick, the hole in your pocket will now be bigger than ever. So, with the time being ideal to kick the butt and save your health as well as money, follow a few simple ways to quit the dangerous addiction.

1. Switch to chewing gum: Substituting chewing gum for cigarettes is known to curb smoking cessation. While people often use nicotine gum, most find the taste of the gum unpleasant besides other harmful effects. To avoid this, you can also chew a sugar-free chewing gum whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette, as it does curb your urge to smoke for that crucial few minutes when the cessation is at its peak.

2. Enter into a program: There are several support groups to help you quit. This is a rather effective method as smokers invest time and effort in quitting the habit and hence tend to take giving up more seriously. These, coupled with medication can go a long way in giving up smoking.

3. Keep a cigarette ticker: For those who prefer quitting cold-turkey, i.e suddenly quitting without any aid or program, keeping a ticker helps to remind you that you have given up. There are small devices as well as smartphone apps available that remind you about when you smoked your last cigarette.

4. Get a buddy to quit with you: If you are used to smoking in office, or with a particular group of friends, it helps if you quit along with them. This way, you can support each other with giving up smoking. A buddy-system is known to be useful even in cases of alcohol and drug addiction, where former addicts often help others to recover.

5. Alternative approaches: There are therapies like hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and acupuncture. Various herbs are used in different ways to control their smoking addictions.

Source by : Zee Health News

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