Over 50 percent diabetics may develop heart diseases: Study


New Delhi: Over 50 percent of diabetes patients in India are at the risk of developing heart diseases, while 63 percent are at risk of getting microvascular complications, a study revealed Wednesday.

Many others are under enhanced risk of developing eye problems, especially retinopathy, said the study “Lifespan D-Myth 2014”.

The study was conducted to map people’s perceptions along with behaviour-related outcomes of diabetes management.

It also brings to light poor diabetes management among Indians, which it links to ignorance and prevalence of myths.

“Eighty percent of diabetics in India have higher cardiometabolic scores while 50 percent are ignorant about the fact that diabetes could lead to heart disease,” said the report by Lifespan, a healthcare company dedicated to the management of diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders.

The report also said that though it was well established that bitter gourd (karela) and fenugreek (methi) cannot treat diabetes, 40 percent believe that eating them can cure diabetes.

Another 27 percent were found to be taking these alone to deal with diabetes.

“People in non-metro cities were slightly more informed and aware than people in metro cities about the correct measures of diabetes,” the report said.

Source by : Zee Health News

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