J.P. Nadda: India, Sweden healthcare cooperation will fill gaps

New Delhi: Ccooperation in healthcare between India and Sweden will enable filling in the gaps in research and innovative technology, Indian Health Minister J.P. Nadda said Monday.

“There has been an upswing in the bilateral relationships between both the countries and I look forward to further deepening of relations between the two,” Nadda said at a function to celebrate five years of the memorandum of understanding in health between India and Sweden.

The government is committed to providing quality healthcare to all, and to ensuring that all have equal access to necessary medicines, with particular focus on the under-served population and marginalized communities, he added.

Nadda said that there have been appreciable achievements under the bilateral collaboration between the two countries in public heath, research and development, adolescent, mental health and tertiary healthcare.

With the thrust on the ‘Make in India’ brand, he said that there are increasing opportunities for the Swedish companies to invest in research and innovative healthcare in India.

Visiting Swedish Health Care, Public Care and Sports Minister Gabriel Wikstrom said significant achievements under the bilateral collaboration were a sign of deep commitment of both the countries towards healthcare, and the strong relations between the two.

It also reflected the political commitments of the two governments, the active involvement of all the stakeholders, he added.

Source : Zee Health News

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