The time shift your focus from weight loss to fitness


New Delhi: A thin figure is often considered healthy and envied by many. People easily assume that anyone who has a thin frame is completely fit. Therefore, the question arises, since when has being thin become a synonym to fitness?

Though it’s somehow true that a person who enjoys a thin frame is free from many health problems but taking it as a symbol of complete wellness is irrational.

One should vie for health and not a model-like figure! Here are some important, not-to-be- missed signs, to tell you if it’s time you shifted your focus from ‘weight loss’ to fitness:

If you start gasping for breath even after climbing only 15-20 stairs.

If you constantly feel light-headed and dizzy.


Brittle nails, dry and parched skin especially lips.

Tendency to constantly fall ill.

Susceptible to frequent bouts of cold or other communicable diseases.

A thin frame should never be your parameter to judge health. If a person is on the heavy side, it doesn’t mean that his body is full of ailments and vice versa. Therefore, never hit the gym if you want to shed some kilos, just because size zero is ‘in’. Look closely for hints given by your body about your wellness and true health!

Source : Zee Health News

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