Health mistakes we usually make


Not flossing enough Just brushing your teeth isn’t good enough when it comes to dental hygiene. You also need to make flossing a regular habit. Plaque stuck between your teeth can not only lead to oral problems, but if the bacteria goes into your blood stream, it can cause chronic inflammation and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Thus, flossing is recommended at least once a day to avoid teeth being weakened by plaque.

Lugging around a heavy handbag While big handbags and totes may be fashionable, what most women don’t realise is that keeping a big bag almost always leads to dumping unnecessary things in it. And carrying this weight around everywhere inevitably leads to back, neck and shoulder pain. Experts say that heavy handbags can cause back spasms, disc degeneration, neck problems, arthritis, and poor posture. Make it a habit to empty out your handbag (and wallet) at least once a week. Carry only the very essential items and discard the rest.

Not eating breakfast This, by far, is one of the biggest mistakes we commit unknowingly. Skipping your breakfast means you’re starting your day by being low on energy. You’ll feel sluggish by the time it is noon, and staying hungry will only cause health woes as your body will store up more fat to use as fuel through the rest of the day.

Over-exercising While exercising to stay healthy and in shape is alright, if you’re going overboard with the hours in the gym, you need to slow down. Being very hard on your body can lead to hormonal changes, which could further lead to weight gain, weaken your immune system, damage your muscles and cause knee or back problems. Know your body and its limits.

Source : TOI Health News

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