Busted 10 ‘healthy foods’ myths

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Most of us, in a bid to eat healthy and stay fit head straight to the “Health” or the “Diet food” section of supermarkets.

These products, which are heavy on the pocket promise to be really light in calories. But have you ever tried to read the food labels to understand if they are really healthy or is it just another marketing gimmick? Sheryl Salis, a senior registered nutritionist, naturopath, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach busts some of the common myths associated with popular health products.

Sugar-free chocolates
“We often hear people say “I am a diabetic, therefore, I only buy sugar free products”. I have come across many people who eat an entire bar of chocolate thinking it is sugar free.

For eg: if you look at the food label above, there is hardly any difference in the carb content in both the products but the saturated fat content in the sugar free product is more than that with sugar.

Brown bread
Those of us watching our waistlines choose brown breads over white breads thinking we are making a smart eating choice. Beware!

Multigrain high fiber biscuits
When we are struck with hunger pangs in between meals or for some of us as soon as we wake up with our morning cup of tea, we often reach out for the biscuits labeled “multigrain /high fiber” and finish almost the entire packet in a jiffy assuming it’s a healthier.

Fat free cereals
In today’s modern times due to paucity of time and busy lifestyles, breakfast cereals are gaining immense popularity.

Light/ Lite butter
Some years ago, the use of lite butter surged in popularity as people began to understand the dangers of cholesterol and saturated fat present in regular butter. There is no debate over which one is a healthy option.

Nutrition /Energy bars
In today’s “on the run” busy times, energy bars are fast becoming a rage especially with athletes, health conscious people, workaholics or busy moms all opting for these as a quick nutritional fix.

When choosing bars, keep the following points in mind:

-less than 200 calories
-less than 5 gms of fat
-at least five grams of fibre
-And more than 15gms of protein

Diet foods
Here comes another popular fad- roasted/baked or diet snacks. We see an entire section dedicated to these roasted/diet snacks on the shelves of supermarkets and we mindlessly head straight to that section picking up stuff for our guilt free snacking.

Flavoured yoghurt
Most flavoured yogurts which come in a variety of mouth watering flavours don’t contain the real fruit but have added fruit concentrate, making it high in its sugar content.

Ready to eat foods
A boon to today’s working women and yes some men too who are looking for some quick and easy convenience food.

Cholesterol free oil
This is one of my favourites. My overweight clients always try to justify the excess oil consumption by telling me that they are using cholesterol free oil or the more expensive olive oil.

Keep this in mind when choosing oils “heart-friendly oil should be cholesterol- and trans-fat free, low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fat (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fat (PUFA), it should have an ideal omega 6 to omega 3 acids ratio and a high smoking point”.

Source : TOI Health News

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