Soon, obesity pill to replace treadmill


Washington: If you don’t like working out on the treadmill, you will soon be able to say goodbye to it. Harvard scientists claim to have made a breakthrough in the obesity crisis.

Thanks to them who are developing a  pill which would help the body burn away excess fat. They also claim that could one day it could ‘replace the treadmill.’

This obesity pill that transforms ‘bad’ fat to ‘good’ could replace exercise, helping people shed pounds and with them their risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

When a person eats too many calories without burning them off, they are stored as white fat cells by adult stem cells.

The new study found two small molecules that convert fat stem cells, which would normally produce white fat, into brown-like fat cells.

These brown fat cells burn excess energy and subsequently reduce the size and numbers of white fat cells.

Associate professor Chad Cowan, at Harvard, said: ‘What we were really impressed by is that there are some compounds that have this same kind of effect when they are administered to animals, but when you remove them, the effect goes away.

Source : Zee Health News

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