Inner Truth: Mind is Key to Health


The word ‘disease’ is often associated with ailment, but rather it points to a state of dis-ease, both in body and mind. Our sages said millennia ago, that body just manifests what goes on in the mind. Therefore, a diseased body is a definite indication that it is actually the mind which is not ‘at ease’ and needs to be primarily addressed. Several diseases, once thought to be merely physical dysfunction, have been found to be actually psychosomatic in origin. In today’s highly competitive, cut-throat world, stress and tension are major killers. When mind is able to remain calm, quiet and balanced in any situation, then, even if the body is unwell, it is supported to heal itself. Most interestingly, it has often been the case that terminally ill cancer patients undergo spontaneous remission once they work at cultivating a healthy, stress-free mind.

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