YuFit Fitness Band, HealthYu Health Tracker Launched in India


Apart from launching the Yu Yuphoria handset on Tuesday, Micromax subsidiary Yu Televentures also launched the YuFit fitness tracking band. It will be available at Rs. 999, and will go on sale in June. The company also unveiled another health-centric accessory called the HealthYu, which costs Rs. 4,999 and will go on sale in June as well.

At the price, the YuFit fitness tracking band takes on the Xiaomi Mi Band that was recently launched in India at the same price. However, it brings several features in addition, giving some stiff competition to the popular Chinese manufacturer. Connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

The YuFit band comes alongside the YuFit app (made in collaboration with HealthifyMe), and together users get such features as step tracking, sleep tracking, distance walked, and calories burnt. The app also lets users track how many calories they have consumed, with its database also including Indian snacks and dishes. The smartband also features a display that shows the time, apart from notifying users about incoming calls and messages.

The fitness tracking band also comes with a Find My Phone feature that helps users locate their paired smartphone. Micromax says the first 1,000 users will get free assistance from dedicated fitness coaches for an unspecified amount of time.


As for the cassette-shaped HealthYu, the accessory will connect with smartphones via Bluetooth, and takes various health readings, with body vitals such as heart rate, ECG, respiration rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and skin temperature.

Users will also be able to share their HealthYu readings with their doctor or family. The cassette is said to be small enough to fit in the user’s pocket, and can provide several readings on a single charge.

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