Planning for a marathon? Check this out!


You know what’s the easiest way to keep fit? Run a mile to stay hale and hearty! So, how about running a marathon? Well, marathon is a long distance running event which gives many health benefits to our body.

Running not only builds up your stamina and strengthens your body but also keeps you physically and mentally fit.

It is important to prepare in advance if you are planning to run for a marathon session.

Besides, practise in running, one requires certain things that will come handy when sweating it out in marathon.

Here goes a list of must-haves while you run a mile in marathon:

Fitness shoes – Sports brand Nike has the latest range of comfortable shoes that will fit in just perfectly.

New SoundTrue ultra in-ear headphones – Helps you concentrate on the goal by cancelling the unwanted noise around.

Intex irist – To be connected to your phone and not take it out of the pocket. Intex iRist is the smartphone in a smartwatch offering a variety of features.

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