11 super healthy 2016 resolutions that don’t require dieting


2016 is finally here! As far as new years go, a lot of us would have resolved to change something in our lifestyle this year provided that a new year is generally indicative of a new slate for most people around the world.

Changing the way we see food and consume it features atop the list of New Year’s resolution that people make across the globe. We vow to make healthier choices in terms of food and give a greater attention to our health.

Investing time and money in making healthier eating choices is self-rewarding, but it’s a process that grows organically and all quick-fix attempts are ultimately going to lead to failure.

“You learn to crawl before you walk, similarly, when you have decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you shouldn’t try to block out all the ‘unhealthy’ things in the first week of the new year , because that’d ultimately lead to failure. Set yourself up for small challenges, everyday, so that the changes are more sustainable in the long run,” said Pooja Makhija, a consulting nutritionist and clinical dietician.

“It’s important to try and understand that we should be making basic changes in our diets instead of making them complicated or following the latest fad diet. Finding basic faults in our habits which are wrong and resolving to correct them one by one can go a long way in making us healthier,” added Kavita Devgan, a nutritionist and weight management consultant.

As well meaning as our intentions may be, it’s difficult to determine where to start. Fret, no more though.

1 Eat more home-cooked food: Get nutrition from unprocessed food

2 Choose whole grains, load up on fiber

3 Eat more protein

4 Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

5 Portion control

6 Cut back on salt

7 Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet

8 Replace bad fats with good fats

9 Keep yourself hydrated

10 Don’t skip breakfast

11 Moderation is the key; Don’t keep anything ‘óff-limits’



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