Things That you Have to Count, But not Calories!

In the desire for a slender line many fall into the trap – counting calories. But what really should not count the number of calories in food or the numbers on the scale, but something quite different. So, move away from the scale, there are far more important mathematics needs to do on a daily basis.
4 times a week exercise – Why? Because these brings results.
7 hours sleep per day – Everything is under that influence the work of the hormone leptin, which regulates metabolism and hunger. Due to lack of sleep, you will have an increased need for food.
8 glasses of water a day – That will hydrate your body. If you do not get enough fluids, metabolism will slow and difficult will download weight.
2 servings of fruit and vegetables a day – Foods rich with fiber, vitamins and minerals will give you a feeling of fullness and will provide the required daily intake of vitamins. Besides healthy meals you will have much less need for fast food.
1 hour – period which should get out of the chair if your work involves sitting. Stretch and it will have a greater effect than counting calories.

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