This silent killer is hiding under your pillow!

A darkroom, right temperature and cosy linen, isn’t this a perfect room for a sound and deep sleep? But what if you realize that despite sleeping in such a relaxing atmosphere, there is something under your pillow which is silently killing you? Scary, right? You cannot imagine how using that one thing over and again is adversely impacting your mental and physical health. So, what is it?

THAT SILENT KILLER: Falling asleep while scrolling Facebook posts or Instagram feeds is something we have adapted to. And this usage of phone is putting our health at high risks. You must have heard that using blue-light screens right before you sleep may mess with your sleep. But there’s more to it. Keeping phone under your pillow or even near you while you’re sleeping has hazardous effects on your health.

WHY DOES IT HAPPEN: Mobile phones emit harmful radiations which can damage your brain and you can experience headache, muscle pain and other health-related issues. A signal transmission of about 900 MHz has adverse impacts on the functioning of your body system.

OTHER IMPACTS: Studies also say that mobile phone radiation is linked to erectile dysfunction. It can impact your productive system and can decrease sperm count and mobility. The blue light emitting from your cell phone can also impede the production of a sleep-inducing hormone, which is also referred to as melatonin. This disrupts circadian rhythms (body clock) and we might experience difficulty in sleeping. This is because of the reason that blue light emits wavelengths that are similar to daylight and makes our senses think that it’s still daytime.

WHAT WHO SAYS: The World Health Organization warned that usage of mobile phones or keeping them near you, while you are sleeping may be possibly carcinogenic, especially in children as their scalps and skulls are thinner than adults and they are more vulnerable to radiation. Hence, if you are worried about cancer risk, use earphones or the speakerphone when you talk on the phone and avoid keeping your phone anywhere near you when you sleep.

THE IDEAL DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PHONE: The strength of the radio frequency electro-magnetic field which is associated with the phone diminishes very strongly as you take the phone away. There is no specific distance yardstick that’s given but it is advisable to keep it at least a few feet away, at least three.

AVOID THIS ADDICTION: Power it off or put it on ‘airplane mode’ when you are about to sleep. If you are required to be available for calls, place your mobile phone several feet away from your bed. Many of us use our mobile phone as an alarm. Now, when you know that it’s harmful to your health, instead of using your cell phone, use an actual alarm clock. There are people who are in the habit of reading an e-book right before they sleep. Rather read an actual printed book. Take all the precautions and have a good night’s sleep.

Credit- toi

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