Capping on coronary stents bears no benefit on patient’s pockets

A delegation of Alliance of Doctors on Ethical Healthcare (ADEH) comprising Dr Arun Mitra, Dr Abhay Shukla, Dr Monica Chandy and Dr Anil Pathak met chairman of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) Bhupendra Singh in connection with the review of the price of coronary stents.

Giving more information about the meeting, Dr. Mitra said, “During our meeting, we pointed out several facts including that real benefit of the capping on the price of stent has not gone to the patients because there has been no monitoring mechanism to check the total cost of putting coronary stent by the hospitals. We have also demanded that there should be a study to review the procedure charges before the capping of stent prices and after that the review should be done not before five years because it is unlikely that new research with great benefit can happen in one year”

Mitra also informed, that the chairman has been updated with the fact that the demand of the industries for increasing the price of the so-called new generation stents is not logical and the scientific studies are against it. We have also demanded that all drugs should be brought under list of essential medicines because drug is not a choice for a patient.

Credit- ETHealthWorld

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