SMT wins tenders at five Brazilian hospitals

SMT (Sahajanand Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) has succeeded in bagging prestigious tenders amongst Brazilian hospitals for the distribution of stents. The Indian stent manufacturer won tenders at five hospitals including the Army General Hospital, after rigorous examinations and regulatory processes. The alliance will accelerate SMT’s goal towards providing affordable and quality stents for the millions of people suffering from heart disease worldwide.

Speaking about the remarkable feat, Rahul Garud, Senior Business Manager – Brazil, International Sales, SMT, said, “It is a matter of great pride that SMT products have been accepted in all the five hospitals. Getting substantial orders from the Army General hospital and Health Secretary for State of Brasilia DF ( Government Hospital in Capital of Brazil) after a transparent and very thorough process of evaluation gives great confidence on the quality of SMT products which are backed by Supra family of clinical data published in various index International Journals. SMT has been in Brazil for more than a decade and is now gaining acceptance at the highest level.”


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