3 Foods That Aren’t Actually Helping You Lose Weight (And The Alternatives)

Weight loss is something that everyone is talking about these days. In times where obesity and heart diseases are increasingly on the rise, health and weight issues are becoming a prime concern for everyone. But more than losing weight, one should focus on maintaining a healthy weight and losing fat. And although youngsters are turning into fitness freaks, they are essentially obsessed with looking slim in whichever way possible.
Some might do this by going to a gym, doing Zumba, taking part in sports, and others may decide to follow a strict diet. Some even end up restricting their calorie intake or alter their diets to eat a lot of protein and very little fat. There are plenty of advertisements and marketing strategies that lead people on and confuse them about everything related to weight loss.

Get A Grip – Strike A Balance

The key to a healthy life and weight is consuming all nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals – in the correct proportion, and do some form of physical exercise.
Even if you exercise vigorously, but have a faulty dietary pattern, the weight loss results will take longer than usual and you will also see its negative effects on your health.

Remember, the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

In spite of being so cautious, there are a few mistakes that most of us tend to make when looking to lose weight. And several times, we eat certain foods thinking that they are beneficial for us and will help us lose weight. Well, it might be time to throw some light on reality and actually know whether these so-called healthy foods are speeding up our weight loss process. In most cases, this might be untrue.

  1. Breakfast Cereals 

We often tend to follow what we see/read in television and print ads. It’s true that quite a few celebrities are promoting breakfast cereals that can be eaten to lose weight in a week or so. But here’s the catch – they only expect you to eat limited quantities of foods for the rest of your meals.

Cons: Most cereals contain sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup and this sugar content is responsible for promoting fat storage, not fat depletion.

The Alternatives

Oats have plenty of health benefits being nutritious and power-packed. The Beta Glycan in oats tends to increase the feeling of fullness thus giving you satiety, and this satiety hormone has been shown to reduce calorie intake and decrease the risk of obesity by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels too.

2. Muesli

Yes, muesli has oats and extras like nuts and dried fruits that are good for your health because of their high protein and antioxidant content. But what we tend to ignore is that this processed food item also has trans fats, which aren’t exactly good for us. So if you are trying to be lean, eating muesli every day might not be a good idea.

Cons: The unnecessary added sugar and trans fat overpower the goodness of the protein, fibre and antioxidant content of muesli.

The Alternatives

Opt for unflavoured and sugar-free options in muesli or make muesli at home by adding plain oats, some dried fruits, chopped almonds, cinnamon, chia seeds or fresh fruit if needed. Homemade muesli with skimmed milk as a breakfast or snack option is a great choice.

3. Diet Fizzy Drinks

This is something we love to cling to when following any diet believing it has fewer/no calories. But what we don’t know is that artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are 200 times sweeter than table sugar. Such drinks tend to alter the sweet receptors in our brain and induce a sugar craving effect instead of satiety.

Cons: Studies published in Diabetes Care found that consuming such drinks frequently was associated with an increase in metabolic syndrome that can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and can ultimately cause diabetes and heart diseases.

The Alternatives

Water is the best substitute for aerated beverages. But water, you could also opt for coconut water, green tea, black coffee or refreshing drinks like mint and lemon juice. These drinks can be made at home and promote weight loss.


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